An Efficient, Convenient, Modern Administration for Trenton


In many ways, City Hall’s bureaucracy does not give residents modern options for interacting with Trenton’s public services. I will create the work-flows and implement the  tools necessary for a dynamic, responsive, and proactive City Hall.


Improve Communication with Residents

In an era of instant communication, we can do so much better. My administration will design procedures to reach out to citizens quickly, using all available channels.


Develop Information Sharing System Between City Hall Departments

A visit to City Hall can feel like a disjointed experience, with limited coordination between Departments. We can develop centralized information systems for the City, so that Departments quickly and efficiently coordinate and provide the services residents need.

Build a Motivated Administration

We need to manage our limited resources efficiently and effectively. We have experienced, dedicated, talented staff at City Hall, and top-notch professionals in Trenton and the region with an extraordinary amount of good will to see Trenton succeed. I will bring these groups together to set a new standard. 


Adhere to Good Government Practices

Our City must be transparent, accountable to its constituents, and compliant with any State and Federal laws. As a long-term advocate for and practitioner of good government practices, I will build an administration that will restore people's trust in City Hall.

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