Public safety

Reimagine the Relationship Between the City and its Citizens


Restoring public trust in our Police Force is critical to the safety of Trenton's citizens. My administration will develop practices to integrate officers into the communities they serve, so that citizens and the city can cooperate to improve public safety.


Develop and Implement Community Policing Practices

Our officers must cultivate relationships within the community so that they are seen as allies in promoting public safety. I will direct our police force to research community policing practices that have worked in other cities, tailor them to Trenton's needs, and implement them quickly and effectively.


Increase Accountability and Oversight

I will direct the city to leverage technology, including body cameras, to capture data about police encounters. We must gather all data possible about these interactions, so citizens can be protected from unwarranted interference in their lives, and officers can be protected from undue claims against their character.

Dedicate Additional Resources to Fighting Crime

Combating organized crime networks requires an equally organized law enforcement network, equipped with the tools necessary to stay one step ahead. I will install modern systems around the city, in order to give our police force and edge in responding to, and capturing criminals.

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