Gusciora Rallies with Lt. Governor Oliver, Other Prominent Democrats

Trenton N.J. – Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D- Trenton) met yesterday with Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver, State Senator Shirley K, and Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson. Turner. The Democratic leaders discussed state restrictions on Trenton’s ability to hire city workers. The Capital City is under a Memorandum of Understanding with New Jersey.

“The conversation was productive and set the tone for ongoing communication,” – Gusciora remarked – “I sat next to the Lt. Governor while she was still in the Assembly. We have a longstanding and productive relationship.”  The Assemblyman served District 15 with Senator Turner for two decades.

“Right now, the state of New Jersey has to approve all hires; from custodians to directors. The MOU has hampered our ability to bring in new public safety personnel. Cops and firefighters alike.” Gusciora says that “The people of Trenton deserve better”

The Mayoral candidate argues that he’s the best man to lift the Memorandum.

“Right now, City Hall is having trouble providing the simplest and most essential service to constituents. We saw this in the Jackson administration. We’ll see this from Perez.” The Assemblyman maintains.

The MOU has also constricted Trenton Water Works. Paul Perez has denied to admit whether or not he will privatize Trenton’s water.

Gusciora is confident that he is in the best position to lift the MOU, which would the city the authority to fill the vacancies at the Trenton-based water authority. TWW services not only the Capital but a number of local municipalities.

“I think it’s clear that Tuesday’s election will decide how Governor Murphy will deal with the Memorandum. Mr. Perez doesn’t have a leg to stand on when speaking to the state government” insists the Assemblyman. “Our next Mayor needs maturity.”

Paul Perez was ousted for bellowing profanities at well-known Trenton journalists.

The runoff election will be held this coming Tuesday, June 12th.

Reed Gusciora