Gusciora Demands Perez Shed Light on Privatization of Trenton’s Water

Trenton, NJ – Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-15) is publicly asking what Paul Perez intends to do with Trenton’s water authority if he succeeds in his second attempt to become mayor. The candidate refused to give a direct answer during the last debate at Mercer County College.

“The authority is an asset” the Assemblyman emphatically stated on Wednesday. “It’s an asset to the City of Trenton and voters deserve to know whether my opponent intends to sell or privatize our water service,” said Gusciora, who has been a stark opponent to selling the water authority.

But Paul Perez cannot say the same.

“The fact remains, Mr. Perez has a history of flip-flopping on issues. He switched on Governor Christie’s state building plan, his proposal for ‘military style’ policing, even his position towards his former rival, current mayor Eric Jackson, has shifted.”

“Our citizens deserve to own their water. Privatization is not the answer. This isn’t just a Trenton issue, this concerns all communities that get their water from TWW. Unlike my opponent, I have faith in our ability to administrate.”

Gusciora noted Perez skirted away from the question during Sunday’s debate.

The ‘de facto Republican’ candidate defended his non-answer, claiming that he “needs to see the entire contract.”  Perez also stated that, “The critical infrastructure is in dire straits.”

This issue is too vital to not have a plan” said the Assemblyman.  “Mr. Perez owes the voters and explanation as to his shifting position the City’s water resources. If he plans to sell off water works, then he should own up to it.”

The runoff election takes place June 12th.

Reed Gusciora