Assemblyman Gusciora: “My Only Deal is With the People of Trenton”

The Capital City is NOT for Sale

Trenton, NJ – In response to this week’s mayoral endorsements, Reed Gusciora for Mayor of Trenton is issuing the following statement:

“I was puzzled at Mayor Eric Jackson’s recent endorsement of Paul Perez. My opponent has leveled tremendous criticism against the Jackson administration,” said Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Trenton).  "It begs the question, why the change of heart?"

Mr. Perez has blasted Mayor Jackson ever since he lost his first bid for the office four years ago. Online postings by Perez’ Republican followers prove they were equally baffled by the announcement.

“Trentonians have a right to ask: What did my opponent promise Mayor Jackson in exchange for a handshake?” -  the Assemblyman continued, “This just speaks to Paul Perez's intentions while he runs for Mayor. From his flip-flopping on Governor Christie's state-building plan, his initial refusal to debate, and to his call for 'military style' policing."

The Assemblyman noted that similar questions were raised with the endorsement of former mayoral candidate Darren Green. Mr. Green admitted to the Trentonian that he expected, in exchange for his support, a seat at the table from the next administration should Paul Perez win. 

"My only deal is with the people of Trenton. Fair, square, and transparent," continued Gusciora.  "This is not Monty Hall and Trenton is no 'Let's Make a Deal'. The Capital City is NOT for sale." Gusciora, a life-long Democrat and veteran lawmaker, is running a progressive, back-to-basics campaign for mayor of the Capital City.  He has pledged to move Trenton forward and apply proven practices to ensure optimum levels of state aid.

The Jackson Administration neglected to even apply for the Transportation Trust Fund, requiring intervention by Gusciora’s 15th district legislative team.  

Assemblyman Gusciora was instrumental in securing funding for Trenton’s new high school. City officials failed to act, so he took it to the state.  In addition,  the Assemblyman’s bill to re-start the city's Urban Enterprise Zone program was signed into law by Governor Murphy just this week.

The runoff election concludes on June 12th.

Reed Gusciora