7 candidates for Trenton mayor. 1 question about marijuana.

Seven candidates remain in the race to be Trenton's next mayor. The election is May 8.

And NJ.com wants to know how they stand on one of the more debatable issues in the state, and across the country - the possible legalization of marijuana. It could have a big impact on the city, from police work to public dispensaries and all the money and revenues it's predicted to produce.

So we asked each candidate the same question, "Do you support the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey (as Gov. Murphy has pledged to do)?"

We told the candidates we were looking for a short, one-word answer, and then an explanation if they like. Here's how they answered:

Reed Gusciora


"I unequivocally support the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey, both as an economic engine, and as a remedy for one of the greatest, most entrenched social injustices of our time," the state Assemblyman said. 

He went on: "As State Assemblyman, I wrote, sponsored and passed the bill creating the State's medical marijuana program, and have introduced a recreational legalization bill that is deeply conscious of all the issues that underpin the legalization debate, and that provides remedies to the communities most affected by the failed War on Drugs. Without a doubt, I have been a leading public voice in the debate about marijuana in New Jersey for more than two decades, and I look forward to continuing my role in the conversation as Mayor of Trenton."

More about Gusciora's campaign can be found at www.fb.me/reed4mayor and www.instagram.com/reedformayor and www.reed4mayor.com


Reed Gusciora