Trenton Election Rumblings: Former Sen. Inverso, a prominent Republican, endorses Gusciora

Republicans are throwing their weight behind candidates in the Trenton mayoral election.

Peter Inverso, a former State Senator, former County Freeholder and current Chairman of the Capital City Redevelopment Corp., announced Wednesday he believes the City of Trenton will be best served by the election of Assemblyman Reed Gusciora in the upcoming non-partisan mayoral election.

“I served with Reed in the Legislature and came to appreciate his independence and determination to do what he believes is in the best interests of his constituents and not be bound by what is primarily in the best interests of his party. While there are issues on which Reed and I agree to disagree, the attributes which he possesses are exactly those the City requires to achieve the revitalization it needs and deserves,” Inverso said.

“Good things are beginning to happen in the City and while there indeed are high hurdles to overcome, only someone with Reed’s integrity, ability, independence and leadership skills can effectively do the job of moving Trenton forward. This entails knowing the inner workings of state government, to get it to fulfill its rightful obligations, and combining it with the business acumen to encourage public/private redevelopment initiatives. A combination essential to establishing the Capital community as a safe and desirable place to live, work and raise a family,” he added.

Inverso believes that the next mayor needs to not only know how to leverage knowledge of and relationships in state government to secure resources for Trenton, something Reed has done for years, helping to bring in close to $70 million a year in aid at its height, but also how to manage those resources free from party influences.

“Apart from economic revitalization and public safety, Reed is a strong proponent of educational quality as an essential ingredient in advancing opportunity. He was the impetus behind action to address Trenton High School’s deplorable physical conditions. He galvanized the support of other leaders, but he was there before the media and the others,” Inverso added.

Inverso summed up his support by saying, “Reed Gusciora has shown he is a sincere public servant who is motivated by doing the right thing. I believe he will be the right mayor to get the state to fund its obligations and the right Mayor to implement the plan to make Trenton a great Capital City. Reed is honest, hard-working and independent and tough minded enough to ward off any influence from an entrenched political machine which might attempt to dilute his drive to “Lift Trenton Together.”

Gusciora said he was honored to receive Inverso’s endorsement.

“I worked with Senator Inverso in the legislature for the last 20 years,” Gusciora said Wednesday, noting he is also encouraged with Inverso’s work for capital city redevelopment. “I’ve been working with him on urging the state to rethink the state building plan and moving the buildings downtown where economic development is so sourly needed for the capital city. I have a history of reaching across the aisles and this is another instance that we need to all pitch in and help with the capital city redeveloped and revitalized.”

Inverso’s endorsement comes on the heels of former Mercer County Executive Bob Prunetti, another Republican, endorsing Walker Worthy for mayor.

Reed Gusciora