Gusciora blames Christie for demolition problems, says ‘unreasonable restrictions’ should be lifted

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, a candidate for mayor of Trenton, says that former Gov. Christi Christie attached unreasonable restrictions to $11 million in grant money to help the city demolish abandoned properties.

“This is just another example of former Governor Christie writing checks to cover up his extreme neglect of the Capital City in the eleventh hour, rather than taking the time to learn about the issues at hand, and tailor a solution to the community,” Gusciora said. “While, both as a legislator and candidate for mayor, I am incredibly grateful that the money is on the table, we need to work with our partners at other levels of government to ensure that we move forward in a transparent way that impacts our city positively, while maintaining its historic beauty and significance.”

Gusciora has pledged that he would make the rehabilitation of abandoned properties a priority if he wins the May 8 mayoral election.

“While many of the properties under consideration are entirely unsalvageable, some of them have only suffered minor damage, have strong, brick-and-mortar foundations, and, with relatively minor repairs, can be brought back onto the tax rolls,” said Gusciora.  “We shouldn’t be using money dedicated to eliminating our City’s most horrendous instances of abandonment to demolishing historic homes that stand a chance of remediation.”

Reed Gusciora