Thank you to the people of our great capital city!

we will lift trenton together!


Rebuilding Downtown, Developing Communities, Making Streets Safe


Community Development

We have many reasons to be proud of our beautiful, historic home town. Nevertheless, the deterioration of our communities and neighborhoods have made the Capital City less secure. We must invest in our neighborhoods in direct and sustainable ways, and listen to our citizens to develop achievable plans for community improvement.

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Smart Management

In many ways, City Hall’s bureaucracy does not give residents modern options for interacting with Trenton’s public services. I will create the work-flows and implement the  tools necessary for a dynamic, responsive, and proactive City Hall.

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Economic Development

Economic development is key to any urban revitalization plan, to increase our tax base and improve the services we provide. I will seek to bring a mix of new residential and commercial development into Trenton in a way that is strategic, friendly to residents, and assures a smart, sustainable, livable city.

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Public Safety

Restoring public trust in our Police Force is critical to the safety of Trenton's citizens. My administration will develop practices to integrate officers into the communities they serve, so that citizens and the city can cooperate to improve public safety.

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Educational Achievement

Schools in our New Jersey's most dense urban centers need active attention to improve academic achievement. Right now in Trenton, over 75% of 3rd graders are below state proficiency standards. Education necessitates immediate and constant action. We cannot allow our city schools to fall further behind. We need to make a change.

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