Educational achievement

Developing New Programs for Trenton Students to Achieve

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Schools in New Jersey's most dense urban centers need active attention to improve academic achievement. Right now in Trenton, over 75% of 3rd graders are below state proficiency standards. Education necessitates immediate and constant action. We cannot allow our city schools to fall further behind. We need to make a change.


Full-Day Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Education Initiatives

Our students need additional support, especially in their most formative years. Students’ days should be structured around the school. Full-day programs for students aged 5 to 8 will give children the foundation and opportunity to excel in their academic pursuits. 


Reinvigorate Public Schools and Limit Charter Expansion

While charters have shown some success, their exclusivity and unpredictability ensure that they will never be an adequate alternative to our public classrooms. We need to provide a safe and productive education to all members of the community, that emphasizes the importance of equal opportunities for our students.


Expand Vocational Education Options in Trenton

While Mercer County has become a hub for vocational opportunities, our city has fallen behind. Community members deserve better educational opportunities and better jobs. Existing vocational training centers need to be expanded, and new programs and partnerships established, where possible.