Revitalizing Trenton in a Way that Works for the Community


Economic development is key to any urban revitalization plan, to increase our tax base and improve the services we provide. I will seek to bring a mix of new residential and commercial development into Trenton in a way that is strategic, friendly to residents, and assures a smart, sustainable, livable city.


Catalyze Smart Downtown Redevelopment

Trenton's Historic Downtown should be a vibrant regional center. I will work with private developers and the State to ensure that development is smart, advances the "Trenton250" master plan, and fosters a safe, lively, and attractive destination. 


Capitalize on Arts, Entertainment, and History

Trenton's art scene is diverse, engaging and growing. I will position the City as a welcoming environment for the arts and artists, and use our rich heritage and cultural attractions to enrich the experience of both Trentonians and visitors.


Position Trenton for Success in Emerging Industry

Changes in the economy, State incentives, and State laws are closing old markets, and creating new ones. I will ensure that our City can take advantage of opportunities as they arise, including legal marijuana, and position the City to attract industries that can take advantage of our unique assets.


Position Trentonians for the Regional Job Market

I will work closely with the State, County, employers, and educational institutions to create collaborations that educate and retrain adults in the workforce with the skills necessary to enter emerging professions. 



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