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Cleaning Streets, Engaging Residents: Rebuilding Trenton’s Neighborhoods

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We have many reasons to be proud of our beautiful, historic home town. Nevertheless, the deterioration of our communities and neighborhoods have made the Capital City less secure. We must invest in our neighborhoods in direct and sustainable ways, and listen to our citizens to develop achievable plans for community improvement.


Reinvest in Public Works

Budget priorities in prior administrations have resulted in limited Public Works capacity. I want to rethink these vital City functions to keep our streets clean and maintained, and effectively partner with public entities and local utilities to ensure high-quality work.

Focus on Reversing Blight

Vacant and decaying properties erode our communities, foster crime, and diminish property values. As Mayor, I will use all land policy tools at the city's disposal, and implement practices that have worked in other cities, such as demolition, finding energized owners, and helping those who want to invest and live in our communities to do so.


Establish Partnerships Between the City and its Residents

Many Trenton residents feel alienated from their City government. I will work closely with our vibrant network of community organizations, and look to establish a centralized 3-1-1 system, that can proactively track and monitor citizen complaints.